CEPS (Bruxelles, Belgium)

CEPS (Bruxelles, Belgium)CEPS


Founded in Brussels in 1983, CEPS is one of the leading European think tanks, constantly ranked among the top ten non-US think tanks, focusing on EU affairs. Over the years, CEPS has amply demonstrated its ability to anticipate trends and to analyse policy questions well before they become topics of general discussion. CEPS has an extensive capacity to undertake both qualitative and quantitative empirical research as well as desk research with a large geographical coverage. CEPS has an extensive network of partners in Europe and beyond and is also a member of Green Growth Knowledge Platform established by the Global Green Growth Institute, the OECD, the UNEP and the World Bank.

Sustainable resource use and the circular economy transition are among the key pillars of work of the CEPS Energy, Resources and Climate Change Unit. The team has extensive expertise on resource-efficient and decarbonisation policies, green value chains, access to critical raw materials, assessment of the impacts of the circular economy transition, analysis of market and regulatory barriers for implementing circular economy business models and resource efficiency indicators. Some examples showcasing the CEPS work in this domain are the BATRAW and INSPIRES EU-funded projects. In the context of BATRAW, CEPS will assess the conditions and policy options for developing an EU industrial ecosystem of circularity applications for battery packs. As part of INSPIRES, CEPS analyses the value chain for recycled rare earth permanent magnets and prepares policy recommendations. CEPS has also built a Task Force comprised of representatives of major multinational companies in Europe as well as senior executives from NGOs and research institutes with the objective to prepare policy recommendations on the circular economy.

Role in the project

Lead the development of policy insights and recommendations. Assess possible market, structural and regulatory barriers to developing an EU supply chain for recycled rare earth permanent magnets (WP6).

Research Team:

Vasileios Rizos

Monica Alessi

Edoardo Righetti


Place du Congrès 1, 1000, Brussels, Belgium