CSIC (Madrid, Spain)


The Ceramic for Smart System Group (CSS- personal.icv.csic.es/css/) possesses large experience in ceramic processing of functional ceramics which properties are based on complex micro and nanostructures.

The research activity in the last years has crystallized in the development of patents related to novel permanent magnets and nanostructured ceramics.

The CSS group is composed of 15 researchers (3 Permanents, 2 Tenure&Track, 5 postdoc and 5 PhD students). This group combines scientific research with transfer of technology. In the last 5 years, ~80% of the founding of the group comes from industrial contracts. The group has a close relation to ceramic industry. In the last 5 years, the budget of the group has reached 2.012.927 €, out of which 86% comes from industry related funding. In the same period of time, basic research activities have yielded 60 scientific publications in top ranked SCI journals, 6 doctorates and 7 patents (5 of them under industrial production).

Role in the project

Project coordination (WP9), Magnet powder processing by milling and thermal treatments, structural, chemical and magnetic characterization (WP2), Education activities (WP7), dissemination and communication tasks (WP8)

Reasearch Team:
Adrián Quesada (Project Coordinator)
José F. Fernandez
Cecilia Granados

Madrid, Spain

Adrián Quesada
Kelsen 5 28049 Madrid (SPAIN)

Geographical Location:
Madrid, Spain
Research Team :
Dr. Adrián Quesada (Project Coordinator) (Male, born in 1980) - Prof. José F. Fernandez (Male, 1956) - Dr. Cecilia Granados (Female, 1989)
Adrián Quesada, a.quesada@icv.csic.es, Kelsen 5 28049 Madrid (SPAIN), http://www.css.icv.csic.es/